Buying Your Digital Photo Printer

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Buying Your Digital Photo Printer

HP, Canon and Epson are the big players in the digital photo printer market. But other companies – like Sony, Olympus, Samsung, Lexmark and Hi-Touch - all offer one or more models of digital photo printer.

Use the manufacturer's websites to see what models and features are currently available. You'll be able to narrow your search to a relative few models based on features and price range.

Check reviews and ratings at magazine and other websites. PC Magazine ( and Macworld ( both publish reviews on line. c/net ( reviews products and lets users post their own opinions on the site. ( posts consumer comments on an extensive list of products.

And, of course, check around for prices. Sites like ( and ( list both their prices for an item and affiliate retailer's prices. You can even make your purchase from an affiliate through the “host” site, so you won't have to deal with someone you don't know.



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