Digital Camera – Digital Frame

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Digital Camera – Digital Frame

Displaying your digital photos can be just as high-tech as taking them when you use a digital picture frame. As LCD prices have declined, frames that can display a series of your digital photos have become very affordable. You can buy some desktop digital picture frames for under $100.00.

But there's a tremendous variety of digital picture frames. There are even keychain styles with 1” screens – and enough memory to store more than 50 digital photos. And wall-mount frames with 19” (diagonal) screens are available and can run $1,200 or more.

Some digital picture frames have internal memory that you fill by connecting the frame to your computer. Others can download from memory cards. Most play continuous slideshows. Many have manual scrolling, so you can select a picture to view. Some even offer sound options, so you can even download music files to accompany your slide show.



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