How to Mix Digital with Film

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How to Mix Digital with Film

While it's not technically a Leica digital camera, the Leica Digital-Modul-R is part of a system not offered by any other 35mm camera manufacturer. That's because the Digital-Modul-R is actually a digital back that fits on Leica's renowned R8 and R9 35mm film cameras, allowing photographers to switch back and forth between digital and film.

The 10 MP CCD rates extremely well in tests – even against sensors with nominally 50 percent greater resolution. But what will really please photographic purists is that the Digital-Modul-R gives the digital photographer access to 40 years of arguably the world's best optics, Nearly every Leica lens made since 1965 is compatible with the system.

Two caveats, though. Leica's R8 and R9 are manual cameras – there's no auto anything.



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