Sigma dSLR Uses Foveon's Unique Image Sensor

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Sigma dSLR Uses Foveon's Unique Image Sensor

Though the company is best known for its SLR lenses, there's also a Sigma digital camera that's worth a look: the Sigma SD10.

A full-featured dSLR, the SD10 is unique in one feature: no other camera manufacturer offers an SLR with the Foveon X3® Direct Image Sensor. Unlike CCD and CMOS sensors, which read only one color per pixel, the Foveon X3 reads all three colors (red, blue and green) for each pixel. this results in the camera's processor having to interpolate less information, and – Foveon claims – better images and color.

Besides four exposure modes, three AF modes, three metering modes, and all the other features one would expect from a good dSLR, the SD10 offers a couple of nice extras. There's an image sensor dust protector, a mirror lock-up feature (great for macro shooters) and IEEE 1394 (FireWire) connectivity (as well as USB).



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