Olympus Offers a True d-SLR for LCD Addicts

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Olympus Offers a True d-SLR for LCD Addicts

One reason some photographers hesitate to move up to the creative possibilities of a d-SLR is the fact that – until now – no d-SLR offered the option of composing shots on an LCD screen. Making the transition to a tiny eye-level viewfinder is just too much hassle.

A true d-SLR, the Olympus E-330 uses Olympus's new “Live MOS” sensor technology to provide a live picture on an SLR's LCD monitor. The LCD is articulated, allowing compositions at angles that would require blind shooting with other d-SLR's. A true optical SLR viewfinder is part of the package, too.

The E-330 is an entry-level d-SLR, and it makes the transition easy from less complex systems. It features auto-everything, including 20 pre-set scene modes. But, as you become more familiar with the camera, the E-330 also offers all the manual control that you'd expect from a full-features d-SLR.

The 7.4 MP Live MOS sensor provides very good picture quality even at high (ISO1600) ISO settings, thanks to the optional noise-reduction software. And dust, the bane of all d-SLR's – is less of a problem for the E-330. Olympus's Dust Reduction System does a good job keeping the sensor dust-free.



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