Nikon Offers Educational Opportunities

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Nikon Offers Educational Opportunities

For many years, Nikon's commitment to the photographic community has gone beyond selling cameras. One of Nikon's best-known efforts is the Nikon School – classes and workshops held in various venues around the country, and taught by experts who are mostly working professionals. If you've just purchased a Nikon digital SLR, two 1-day classes will especially appeal to you.

Introduction to Digital SLR Photography provides an overview of the entire digital process, from terminology to digital printing. The class also includes instruction in photographic basics such as light and composition.

Next Steps in Digital Photography: Streamlined Workflow Techniques covers more advanced topics, including workflow management; organizing, editing and enhancing your digital images; setting up your computer system and working with file formats.

The Nikon School offers a variety of classes for beginners to experts. Search online and take to your retailer about classes near you.



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