Choosing Your Ideal Coolpix Camera

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Choosing Your Ideal Coolpix Camera

The sheer number of models available - and the variation of features from model to model – can make selecting a digital camera a real headache. But if you favor the Nikon brand, you're in luck. Nikon offers a simple, nearly effortless and genuinely helpful interactive guide.

The Nikon Coolpix “camera finder” available on their website asks eight simple questions that you answer by selecting either “very important,” “important” or “not important.” The questions determine which camera features are most important to you and match those features to the Coolpix line of 17 cameras.

Based on your responses, the camera finder returns the 3 models that best fit your requirements. One of these three will almost certainly be the Nikon Coolpix for you. Then, search online retailers for the best price and start shooting right away.



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