Sony's Proprietary Media Could Lead to Extra Expense

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Sony's Proprietary Media Could Lead to Extra Expense

The one real drawback to the Sony Cybershot line of digital cameras is the issue of memory. All of Sony's current digital cameras (except the DSLR-A100, DSLR-A100K and DSC-R1 high-end cameras) use Sony's proprietary Memory Stick® Duo flash memory cards exclusively.

While this doesn't create a problem during use, it can create an unwanted expense down the road. Most current digital cameras use Compact Flash or Secure Digital/ MultiMedia Cards. If you own a Sony camera and decide to move to a different brand later, you'll probably have to buy all new memory cards, too.

If a Sony Cybershot clearly fits your needs, don't let the Memory Stick media stop you. But if another brand meets them equally well, this is something to consider in making your decision.



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