HP Conquers Inkjet B&W Issue

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HP Conquers Inkjet B&W Issue

Until recently, black and white prints from inkjet printers were famously poor. Most consumer-level printers traditionally produced s B&W prints with definite color tinges. Inkjets could make a nice sepia-tone print, but B&W was a nightmare.

HP's now-discontinued PhotoSmart 7960 was something of a breakthrough photo printer. Unlike other high-end printers, the 7960's eight inks included shades of gray that made this the black and white champ of inkjet printers. Some reviewers raved that the 7960's B&W output rivaled the silver halide prints made with the traditional photographic process.

Now HP has gone the 7960 one better with the nine-ink PhotoSmart 8750 Professional. This HP photo printer isn't for everyone, though – the suggested price is $499.99.

But for those to whom B&W quality is important… who want the ability to print up to 13” x 19” without borders… or who want prints that last (rated for up to 200 years, when stored properly in an album), it's a good choice.



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