Learn Photo Editing with Tutorials

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Learn Photo Editing with Tutorials

One of the easiest ways to learn photo editing is with tutorials. And there are many tutorial products available on CD/DVD or as guides in print. You can even take photo editing “classes” online.

But for those who don't mind a slightly less formal atmosphere – and a few ads – there are quite a few free online tutorials. Lots of photo editing pros are proud of their skills, and some have put up web sites that can help you learn both basic image-editing techniques and some pretty cool “tricks.”

Most online tutorial sites are based on Adobe Photoshop, but many of the techniques and tricks transfer easily to other programs. A few tools have different names. More advanced tips may not apply to your software, though, because other programs don't share Photoshop's extensive tool set.

Here are a few tutorial sites to get you started:

www.gamequarium.com/photoeditor.html (tutorials for Microsoft Photo Editor)



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