Digital Camera Milestones

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Digital Camera Milestones

Digital camera history is marked by two trends in particular: a rapid rise in technology, and a rapid drop in prices. The technology you can have in a digital camera today was undreamed of less than 20 years ago… and the price for that technology is chicken feed compared to the cost of digital cameras just ten years ago.

* In 1991, Kodak introduced the DCS100, a 1.3 megapixel professional digital camera built on a modified Nikon F3 body. This was the first true production model digital camera. It sold for over $25,000.00.

* Apple Computer reached a milestone in 1994 with the QuickTake 100. This was the first consumer digital camera priced under $1,000.00. The QuickTake 100 could store up to eight VGA resolution (640 x 480) images in its internal memory. It featured a 50 mm lens and built-in flash.

* 1996 saw the introduction of Kodak's DC-120, the first consumer 1 MP digital camera to break the $1,000.00 barrier.

Now fast-forward just ten years… and consider what's available to you in 2006:

* A search for 6 MP point-and-shoot digital cameras at one photo store's website returned more than 50 models… with prices staring below $200.00.



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