Beware of “Free” Digital Camera Offers

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Beware of “Free” Digital Camera Offers

While the Internet is an incomparable tool for research, communication and shopping, it also hosts its share of scams and deceptions. Counted among these are many “free” digital camera offers. Here are two common practices:

A digital camera is offered “free” for participating in a program that may be called “consumer research,” an “advertising test” or some other innocent-sounding name.

However, look closely at the terms and conditions, and you'll discover that the “free” camera is anything but. These programs require participants to complete a specified number (often six or eight) of advertisers' offers – some of which require making a purchase or applying for, obtaining and using a credit card. Fulfilling the additional requirements for redemption is usually a fairly complex process. And at least some sites have a strict time limit for redemption.



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