Where to Find a Digital Camera “Sale” Every Day

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Where to Find a Digital Camera “Sale” Every Day

You can often find very good prices on current and recently discontinued digital cameras, as well as “classic” models that might do the trick if you're on a budget, on retailer websites and on auction sites.

There are, however, a few things you should be aware of when buying from an auction site:

* Know the current average retail price. Some retailers offer cameras at prices well above retail, preying on consumers who naturally assume that auction sites always offer bargains.
* Check the seller's rating. Some sellers are more reliable than others.
* When you're buying a high-ticket item like a digital camera, it's best to shy away from brand-new sellers, who don't have a track record. While they're probably honest, they might not be.
*Know all the hidden costs. Besides the item itself, will you also be charged for shipping, handling and insurance?

By and large, the main auction sites are fairly safe places to buy, and there are often good deals to be had.



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