Selecting the Right Camera Case for You

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Selecting the Right Camera Case for You

For most people, finding the right camera case isn't a problem. There are many good options for compact digital cameras. But if you've just purchased a digital SLR, getting the right camera case is a tougher decision.

There are many styles of camera case to choose from. For example, there are fanny packs, messenger bags and backpacks – as well as traditional shoulder bags. Some manufacturers offer “modular” systems that allow you to customize your bag with pouches, dividers and other accessories. There are even holster-style bags that keep your d-SLR handy right on your hip.

When choosing a camera bag, first consider how you shoot. For example, if you plan to carry your camera and a few lenses when you're hiking, a backpack may be right for you. But you'll probably find a backpack is inconvenient if you do most of your shooting at family gatherings and trips to the amusement park.

The amount of equipment you plan to carry is also an important consideration. If you've just bought your first SLR, keep in mind that you're probably going to add a couple of lenses to your collection. Buying a new bag every time you buy a new lens can get expensive.

Comfort is important. Be sure any belts and straps are sufficiently padded. If it's an over-the-shoulder bag, you may want a little padding for your hip, too.



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