Use a Tripod to Make the Best of Scene Modes

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Use a Tripod to Make the Best of Scene Modes

The most useful digital camera accessory that most photographers don't own is a tripod. The picture that many people have of tripods involves landscape photographers with their bulky 8” x 10” view cameras. But even owners of today's compact digital cameras have good reason to own one.

Most digital cameras – even entry-level d-SLR's – now come with various pre-set “scene modes.” And some of these modes are tailor-made for tripods. For example, if you want to make good use of the panoramic stitch assist mode offered by many cameras, a tripod will make it much easier. With a tripod, you can be sure that the camera remains at the same level as you make the three or four (or more!) shots necessary to take in the whole scene before you.

Night scene and fireworks modes will also produce better shots more consistently when you use a tripod. If you use your camera's macro feature, you'll find a tripod makes it easier to keep the camera steady for close-focus shots of small objects. And imagine how much easier a tripod would make being in the picture yourself, using your camera's self-timer.



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