A Multimedia Digital Camera with Extras

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What are some not-so-popular brands of digital cameras?

A Multimedia Digital Camera with Extras

The NV3 is a new Samsung digital camera that offers several intriguing multimedia – and other - features in a compact package. The NV3 offers movie mode in VGA resolution at 30 fps, MP3 download and playback capability, and – yes – stereo speakers.

The 7.1 MP NV3 has a 2.5” LCD monitor, an internal 3x optical zoom, 11 scene modes, an auto-macro feature for close-up photography and comes with Samsungs Advanced Shake Reduction technology.

Another nice feature is called “Wise Shot.” When you select Wise Shot, the camera takes the same scene once with the ASR on and flash off, and a second time with the ASR of and flash on. You can then select the photo which looks better to you.



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