An Affordable Mid-level d-SLR Loaded with Pro Camera Features

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An Affordable Mid-level d-SLR Loaded with Pro Camera Features

For those seeking pro SLR features – without the pro price – digital camera options have been few. Nikon's D100, which bridged that gap four years ago, has aged. The features that once made it cutting edge are now commonplace on entry-level digital SLR's.

The new 10.2 megapixel Nikon D200 more than fits the bill for those seeking an affordable near-pro-level d-SLR. The D200 shares many features with Nikon's flagship D2x, but is priced thousands less. (And several hundred less than the D100 when it was first introduced.)

Unlike most mid-level dSLR's, the D200 has a magnesium alloy body. It captures 5 frames per second for up to 22 (RAW) or 37 (JPEG- fine) frames. The D200's AF sensor module is also brand new. And, of course, the D200 is compatible with virtually all of Nikon's AF lenses.

Industry response to the D200 has been very strong. Japan's Camera Press Club has awarded this model their top honor: the 2006 Camera Grand Prix award. The Technical Image Press Association named it the 2006 Best Expert dSLR. And American Photo magazine named the D200 it's Camera of the Year in the “Advanced D-SLR” category.



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