Vibration Reduction Comes to Nikon Compact Cameras

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Vibration Reduction Comes to Nikon Compact Cameras

One reason to consider purchasing a Nikon Coolpix digital camera is a professional camera feature that's now available on the Coolpix P3 and P4 models: vibration reduction (VR).

Nikon's adapted the same VR technology used in their 200 – 400mm VR zoom lens… and packed it into these two compact models. Basically, sensors in the camera measure both vertical and horizontal movement and compensate for image movement on the CCD (image sensor).

This is great news if you shoot in low light or take a lot of action photos. Nikon claims the technology can eliminate blur from camera shake enough to allow you to shoot three stops slower. (That is, a handheld picture that normally would have to be shot at 1/60 second to avoid blur, could be shot as low as 1/8 second.



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