My Colors Mode Offers Simplified Color Control

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My Colors Mode Offers Simplified Color Control

Easy color control is one good reason to consider a Canon digital camera. That's because more than a dozen Canon PowerShot models offer “My Colors Mode,” Canon's simple solution to making colors pop out, look more pleasing, or even disappear entirely.

My colors Mode provides nine creative control options:

* Vivid Blue
* Vivid Green
* Vivid Red
* Positive film (combines Vivid Red, Vivid Green and Vivid blue)
* Lighter skin tone
* Darker skin tone
* Color Accent (Retains the selected color, and sets all others to monochrome)
* Color Swap (Replaces the selected color with another of your choice)
* Custom Color (Select your own balance of red, green, blue & skin tone)

If you've ever wanted your pictures to have richer colors, more pleasing skin tones or maybe to get a little creative, this feature makes it easy.



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