Get the Exposure and the Focus Where You Want Them

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Get the Exposure and the Focus Where You Want Them

What photographer hasn't had to compromise between composition and exposure – especially outdoors? All too often, if everything is in the frame where you want it, the critical element won't be properly exposed. And getting the camera to focus where you want it to can be maddening, if your main subject isn't in the center of the frame.

The Canon PowerShot line has an answer: FlexiZone AF/AE.

FlexiZone AF/AE allows you to move the focus point to various positions within the frame – so if you're subject isn't centered, it's no problem. And in spot metering mode, you can also select the area of the frame you want the camera's built-in light meter to use in determining the exposure. Now, even your most challenging shots can be exposed and focused exactly as you'd like.

FlexiZone AF/AE is available on three Canon models: the PowerShot Pro 1, PowerShot G5 and PowerShot S50.



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