The EOS 20D – A Solid Mid-range Performer

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The EOS 20D – A Solid Mid-range Performer

If you already own Canon lenses, and you're in the market for a solid “advanced” dSLR – without the pro price, the Canon 20D is a model you should consider.

Although two years old - that's middle age in digital camera years - the EOS 20D remains one of the best performers in its class. It was heralded by reviewers on it's arrival, and was honored with a DIWA (Digital Imaging Websites Association) gold medal, and DIWA's 2004 Platinum Award.

Here are just a few of the features that earned the 20D rave reviews:

* 5 frames per second bursts for up to 23 frames (JPEG)
* Shoots true RAW files, as well as JPEG's
* Compatible with Canon's EF-S series digital lenses, as well as most other recent Canon lenses
* 1/8000 sec. top shutter speed and 1/250 sec. flash synch speed
* Up to 1,000 shots (flashless) per single charge of the lithium ion battery
* Optional battery grip increases service time
* New “Precision Matte” focusing screen makes manual focus more accurate
* Flash Exposure Lock feature
* Selectable auto-focus points

If you're thinking of moving up to a dSLR, price makes the EOS 20D an attractive buy. Though expensive, some reliable dealers carry offer hefty discounts – as much as $500 off.



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