Panasonic's Image Champ

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Panasonic's Image Champ

Several manufacturers have introduced super-compact camcorders that record to flash memory cards. But there's a Panasonic digital camcorder that's taken things one step further: the SDR-S100. This tiny (3.81'' x 1.1'' x 0.62'') camcorder uses the same type of 3 CCD system used in Panasonic's professional cameras to produce outstanding images.

The 3 CCD system uses one CCD per color – red, green and blue. Most cameras have only one CCD, with 50% dedicated to recording green, 25% dedicated to red and 25% to blue. Using 3 CCD's means more color and other detail information is recorded… and that results in higher image quality.

The SDR-S100 also comes with a 10x Leica zoom lens (with a maximum aperture of f/1.8), image stabilization technology and the ability to record 3.1 MP still images.



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