The Ultra-compact Camcorder for an Active Lifestyle

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The Ultra-compact Camcorder for an Active Lifestyle

If you're active and into fun, the SC-X210L Sports Camcorder is the Samsung digital camcorder designed just for you. It's fairly low-resolution (680k Pixel CCD), but has features that make it a serious option for people who like to shoot on the go… literally.

The SC-X210L is a true sports camcorder. It comes with an external (secondary) lens in a weather-resistant case. Strap the lens on your arm with the included band – camera safely tucked inside your parka - and you're set to show family and friends just how exciting your snowboarding vacation really was. Or give them a front row seat with you on a roller coaster – while you still hold on with both hands. Your imagination is the limit.

This little Samsung digital camcorder comes with 1 GB of internal memory (expandable via its SD/MMC card slot), a 10x optical zoom and electronic image stabilization (You're going to need it!). You can even use it as an MP3 player, so you can take your music with you on your adventures.



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