Use Camera Makers' Websites to Narrow Your Choices

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Use Camera Makers' Websites to Narrow Your Choices

When you're in the market for a new digital camera, let the manufacturers help you. Most have a digital camera guide on their website.

For example, Pentax has a page that allows you to compare any of their cameras side-by-side on six features: Megapixel, Zoom, Battery, Movie, Weight and Price. Nikon's Coolpix Camera Finder asks eight questions and suggests three models based on your answers. And Canon's Product Advisor also recommends models based on a simplified set of questions. But their product comparison page allows you to compare any of their Powershot cameras (three at a time) based on 14 criteria.

Most other major manufacturers have similar features on their websites. While these recommendations are naturally biased, they can help you to know which models from which manufacturers best fit your needs. From there, check review sites for the models you've chosen.



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