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Adobe Photoshop CS2 is the photo software against which all others are measured. It's available as part of Adobes Creative Suite 2, or as a stand-alone product, but the price is steep. Photoshop CS2 costs about $650.

Photoshop is also the most powerful and complete photo software available, with some incredible tools. Image Warp allows you to fit an illustration around any shape, creating 3-D mock-ups. Vanishing Point lets you create elements that match the perspective of objects in an image. And customizable menus allow you to put your favorite tools where they're easy to reach.

CS2 – the latest version of Photoshop - includes a number of new and enhanced tools, like the spot healing brush, Adobe Bridge (a powerful browser with unique features), and improved RAW file abilities – including processing of multiple RAW files at one time.

Photoshop CS2 has been honored with at least 20 different awards and citations since its introduction.



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